Beach Therapy

For about 6 months when Oliver was in the PCICU, I couldn’t wait for the day we could break out of that place. I day dreamed of taking the IV poles and oxygen tanks and rolling his bed out the doors. Running away from it all. First stop… The beach! Putting his little butt in the sand, breathing in the fresh salty air while listening to waves roll in and crash on our toes. A little beach therapy for the mind, body and soul.

Oliver is home, even though I was expecting him to come home after he got his hero heart, I’m still just so happy to have him out of there and here with family and friends finally. It’s Bittersweet. As I told you in my very first blog, Oliver has a bucket list that his father and I have made, and thanks to some wonderful friends who booked us a weekend stay at a beautiful resort on the beach, we can cross his first beach trip off of his list. We did exactly what I dreamed of doing, and we put his little butt in the sand, toes in the ocean, and our worries sailed away. My love and I brought Oliver into town and walked around and browsed the little shops, and got a bite to eat. These are just little things to most, but to us, it was one of the best days we’ve ever had together. We we’re “Normal” and it felt good! It was a perfect 1st Mother’s Day.

Taking Oliver places is a little hectic, and to be honest, I was quite nervous to be out with him for a long period of time, but I’m happy we made it work. Some people stare as we walk by with oxygen tanks, feeding pumps, meds everywhere and they ask us questions about Oli. I smile and explain. It used to be hard for me to tell his story, but I feel like his story need’s to be told. I am his voice. You never know how your journey will affect other people.

This journey has been tough, I have talked myself up in the mirror, I have smiled through tears on numerous occasions, and I’ve screamed at the heavens above asking “why me?”… and I may never understand why… and I think I’m ok with that now. What I do know is that I have a special boy that needs me, and I will never lose hope.



6 thoughts on “Beach Therapy

  1. You so r doing the right thing for him and you .We don’t know why things happen to us .But you r loving him and loving life and that’s what matters the most 😁

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