When I look back on the last 15 months since I had Oliver, I realize how much we have seriously gone through. I gave birth to, basically, a super hero. He has had many surgeries. He was clinically dead 2 times, once when they stopped his heart during surgery, and another during cardiac arrest. We … More Remembering

Times Tickin’

Here I am laying in bed thinking to myself as I look at my son… just how completely amazing he is, but at the same time, just how awful life can be. He doesnt deserve to die. No baby or child does. He has barely gotten to live! Not even a year old, but his … More Times Tickin’


You have proven so many people wrong just by being here baby boy. I can’t believe you are 9 months old. Lets keep showing everyone what you’ve got! Keep fighting son …we are going to try to see if another hospital can help you. It’s time for mommy and daddy to fight, too. Fight for … More Nine.


So many people come up to me and tell me that I am strong, that they don’t know how I stay so positive through all that I’ve been through. I think it is so nice that people see me like that, like I am a super human of some kind. Super mom. Some days I … More Seven.

This one’s for you – A post to the father of our sick baby boy.

Through this roller coaster of a journey with Oliver in the hospital, there we’re many times I just wasn’t ok. Far from it on most days. I had a very hard time after finding out about Oliver’s heart condition, so much that I couldn’t bring myself to even talk to my own family about what … More This one’s for you – A post to the father of our sick baby boy.

Beach Therapy

For about 6 months when Oliver was in the PCICU, I couldn’t wait for the day we could break out of that place. I day dreamed of taking the IV poles and oxygen tanks and rolling his bed out the doors. Running away from it all. First stop… The beach! Putting his little butt in the sand, breathing in the … More Beach Therapy